Real estate agency "Rila properties" offers services in selling and offering of real estates, also organizing inspections of the property and consultation the preparation of all necessary documents and contracts for sealing. Additional services (If they are needеt) such as license, agreements, change of the status, water supply, electrification, design, construction, repairs, maintenance and management of the property.
Upon request of the customer, offered for sale properties are being describet and we are making pictures in detail for free! Complete information on all offers is constantly offered to clients, and it is published on the site of the agency, except details and documents braking the confidentiality and protection of personal data.
The Agency is participating actively in advertising your offers and negotiations, inspection and the transfer of ownership at the price agreed from bout sides and we are overseeing the process to the end of the deal ensuring perfect service for our customer satisfaction.
Our team is available around the clock including weekends and holidays. The inspections are done at a time of your choice and are free. Additional information and specific details of a property or you have any questions use the contact list below;
• Phone/fax - +359 7 142 46 32
• mobile phone - +359 897 945 600
• e-mail -

skype - mitkogrozdanov

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