Kostenets is situated at the foot of Rila Mountain, 65 km southeast from Sofia. The climate is medium continental with temperature fluctuations from - 4,2 ° C (January) and 16,1 ° C (July). Special feature is the wealth of mineral springs in the area. In the Kostenets aria we have 3 national resorts: Momin prohod, “Kostenets” villas and Pchelinski bani they are located within a radius of three to nine kilometers around the city of Kostenets. Close to Kostenets is also Borovets resort (28 km), Dolna Banya (6 km) and Ihtiman (17 km). Kostenets is located near the Trakia motorway.
The area was inhabited as early as the Bronze and Iron Age. In the 1 millennium BC it is the home of the Thracian tribe of Bessi. Since the end of 1 the beginning of 2 century Kostenets territory was part of Serdica province of the Roman Empire. The resettlement of today s city of Kostenets started in 1884 with the construction of the railroad Belovo - Vakarel, part of Sofia - Istanbul route. With the building of a match and paper mills the settlement expandet even more. In 1964 begins a merge of three settlements - Kostenets banya, Momin prohod and Momina banq leading to the creation of the city Kostenets.
In the aria are found and protected 36 funeral grounds , 20 funeral necropolises, including 75 tombs, remains of 11 ancient settlements from the bronze, early-and late-Iron Age, 6 settlements from the Roman period and 8 late-medieval settlements.
Characteristics of the region are hot mineral springs - 47 ° C to 73 ° C. Water from them is slightly mineralized and contains all of the necessary substance to have amazing healing properties and it s very low on water hardeners. The springs were known in ancient times as near Kostenets are preserved remains of Roman baths. Close to the city you can see the fortress Trayanovi vrata, dating from Roman times, but it is a historical site in Bulgarian history King Samuel defeats the Byzantium emperor Basil 2 in the year 986 at the fortress.
In aria of Kostenets you can see the 156 year old church of saint “Ioan Predtecha (Gorna Vasilica village), 150 years old Church of the “Saint Archangel Michael” in the village of Kostenets, the monastery of “Saint Spas”, the church of saint “George”, Church saint “Pantaleymon” and chapels of saint “Iliq”, holy “Petka.
Based on natural resources, four mineral water springs in the valley located in the resorts Kostenets, Momin prohod, Pchelinski bani and Dolna Banya, the location is close to Sofia, Plovdiv and highway "Trakia",Rila Mountain suggesting the development of the region is concentrating in tourism, resting and healing centers, sports, SPA. The main villages of the region are becoming holiday areas with wonderful weather, peace and quiet.
The nature at the foots of Rila, and only 45 minutes from Sofia, the medium continental climate –cool summers and soft winters are offering unforgettable holidays, weekend trips, SPA treatments with healing mineral water and other tours and sport entertainment attractions.
Undoubtedly the biggest investment that is being done in the moment for the tourism in the aria is the construction of resort, tourist and sports complex "Kostenets-BELMEKEN. In May 2005 at the request of the city s administration were presented conceptual designs to build modern -resort, tourist and sports complex Kostenets-BELMEKEN, including full technical, field and city construction research with options and solutions. The value of such an investment is 150 million.
Some on the important aspects of the project are;
• All ski runs have snow refilling from December until the end of April. For the ski and ski-riding grounds (they are located at an altitude of over 2000 meters above sea level) it s not required to cut wood. Sites are not crossed and no rocky areas, allowing the ski season to start with the first snow in December –in snow dept s even 20 cm. Quality of the ski runs and slopes are perfectly suited for both recreational skiing and ski racing events of the highest international ranking - alpine skiing and biathlon.
• Building the infrastructure includes hotels at Milikini nivi, cableways and cable cars to the ski slopes and ski-riding grounds - from Milikini nivi to peak Sokolov and peak Belmeken.
• Construction of additional infrastructure for winter sports - snowboarding trails, hiking routes, trails for summer sledge - BOB; trails for biathlon, ski schools, children's ski areas; area for extreme sports, fast food, spots with information functions; spots for fun and entertainment, artificial snow machines, bases for the SCPs (Mountain Rescue Service); TV - stations for weather information, shelter.
• Construction from tourist bedrooms. The existing bedrooms are in villa “ Gurgolica”, and the area of villas around Kostenets total of 656 beds, eating spots are 860. Maximum capacity of the region - the first stage of development of the resort set to ensure the normal winter conditions for skiing fore over 10,000 people daily. Capacity of the lifts is going to be 3000 skiers per hour.
• In 2007 the project and the PUP wear approved, also the investor-partner for the public-private part of the project has been selected / Czech-Austrian consortium Warren PARTNERS / with the starting project for EUR 150 million.

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