The town is situated in the beautiful Dolnobanska valley, near the right bank of Maritsa River. To the south its locked by the northern slopes of Rila and bordering the Black rid, part from Sredna wood.
It’s 72 km from Sofia and 115 km from Plovdiv also its south from the highway “Sofia - Plovdiv – Svilengrad”, which provides a quick and comfortable transportation. It’s 8 km from the railway station in Kostenets. The road Plovdiv-Dupnitsa-the Tower (across Borovets - Samokov 19 km) is going through Dolna Banya. The road is being used as a tourist route to reach the Rila Monastery. The terrain is hilly with the altitude 640 m. The climate is medium continental. The mild mountain climate, clean air and the presence of hot hyper-thermal mineral water springs have turned the village into a resort. The aria is not having big industrial companies polluting the environment. In the bioclimatic zoning Dolna Banya is divided into four altitude belts: lower, transitional, mid-alpine and above 2000 m. The greatest interest is the transitional zone at an altitude of 800 to 1200 m. It is protected from pollution, the zone is not having temperature overheating and strong cooling. This belt is being divers in its topography, mixed forests, which are perfect for the construction of facilities for open space and clean air procedures, for training and hardening the immune system. Physiological benefits are expressed with strong healing effect on cardiovascular disease, non-respiratory, neurological and other socially significant diseases. Within the boarders of the Dolnobanska valley is one of the most powerful and interesting termo-water pools in the Rilo-Rhodope region and Mеdlеwood. In the year1700 hadji Radoslav from Kostenets builds two buildings around the mineral springs in the upper part of the valley. One of them is build over Roman foundations and today is known as "Roman Bath", the other is the female section of today's bathroom.
Resort Dolna Banya is located in the eastern part of Rila and the slope belt of Ibarskiya massif, 820 meters above sea level. Located on both sides of Bistritza rivers valleys, the area consists of private and institutional villas, tourist villas, hotels and winery "Nature", a resting base for MVR personal, two swimming pools, restaurant “Gorski Kat”(“Forest spot”), mountain houses, villa “Ibar”, guest house, "Ela”, guest house with restaurant and garden “Happy House”.
The unique micro climate, fresh air, pure mountain water, the proximity to Borovets resort and the tourist destinations of Rila National Park define the villa zone as an ideal place for hiking, hunting, fishing, picking mushrooms and herbs. Ambitious investment projects related to the region, the construction of golf courses and villas, converts the resort in an interesting and desirable place for holidays, vacations and weekends.
Thanks to the climate conditions in the area - various altitudes / 800 to 2000 m / protection from dirt and pollution, mild winters and soft summer makes the city a healthy place to rest. Dolna Banya has a private airport, golf course, indoor and outdoor pools.
Big natural attraction are the numerous stork nests - in 1999 Dolna Banya won first place in the National Competition held for most stork nests with 21 nesting pairs of white storks.
The zone falls within the reserve Ibar, which is an important part of Rila National Park, allowing for participation in various projects relating to the protection of rare plant and animal species and to identify new and restoring old tourist routes.
The proximity of the ski resort Borovets also affects the successful participation of the city in tourism. Professional qualification of the human resources in Dolna Banya is a prerequisite for the successful development of the city.
The wealth of Dolna Banya are the mineral springs. Their water is slightly mineralized, alkaline, it is slightly radioactive. The geothermal spring has a flow rate 17 l / sec. and having an unrevealed potential. Starting temperature is 62-65 ° C. The waters are suitable for treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and posttraumatic conditions, respiratory and nervous systems, gynecological and skin diseases, secondary anemia, problems with metabolism, and drinking application, but only prophylactic use because of the high fluorine content. Other mineral spring in the aria is the "White Water"-2.5 km southwest of the city, a rate of 1 l / sec. and temperature 26 ° C. Water in it is hypothermal, slightly mineralized, sulphate-sodium without sanitary microbiological signs of contamination. Used for drinking balneotherapy and balneoprevention.
Since the year 2005 a project started of building a golf course using the standards of the world federation, together with a villa area with over 450 two-storey villas.
We implement projects for the construction of holiday villages, tourist and sports complexes in the area locked between mineral water resorts Kostenets-Dolna Banya and Rila Mountains.

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