Borovets (known until the mid 20s as Cham Koria) is the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria - dates from 1896, when King Ferdinand built a summer residence. Today Borovets is the largest high-class resort. Situated at 1350 m altitude on the northern slopes of Rila mountain 73 km from Sofia, 83 km from Blagoevgrad and 125 km from Plovdiv. (42.269 ° south-length 23.608 ° north-length) The nearest town is Samokov, 10 km, next one is Dolna banq 17 km and Kostenets 29 km. The resort has hosted World Cup competitions in Alpine skiing twice (1981 and 1984). One of the most ambitious projects to be implemented in the next few years is the Super Borovets project.
This project is related to transforming the region into a year-round resort that will offer football pitches, golf courses, tennis courts and playgrounds, as well as pools with various entertainment facilities. There are plans to build riverside parks offering additional attractions, including a riding center, a dairy with taverns near Byala Polyana. The project aims to develop the tourism sector with the help of local people and traditions, while also monitors the ecological balance. In this context, high in the mountains there will be no big hotels, but shelters and teahouses.
Implementation of the project "Super Borovets" will be done in three stages:
• The first phase will be completed in 2007 and then the capacity of the resort will be doubled. New gyms and pools are going to be constructed.
• Second phase will start as soon as the question for the copyright is settled. At this stage planes are being made for construction of new hotels and ski runs in the triangle of Beli Iskar, Samokov and Borovets.
• During the third stage will start construction of projects at 1400 m altitude, considering the condition and the height of the aria the projects are going to be small hotels.
• Tourism Resort located near Samokov - Beli Iskar - Borovets - Bella Meadow.
• Start of project: 2004
• Duration: 15 years
• Possible targets: Bulgaria is wanting to host the Olympic Games in 2014
• Realistic goals: the transformation of the region of Samokov and Rila north in the most attractive tourist complex in the Balkans
• Investment: over 300 million
• Vertical structure of the project
• Low part of Borovets - up to 1300 m - family houses and hotels in traditional Bulgarian style can accommodate 5000 tourists

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