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For sale,Plot - N°: 434
Plot, 930 m²
Podgorie village
2,700 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 450
Plot, 740 m²
Momin Prohod town
3,330 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 23
Plot, 612 m²
Ochusha village
It’s a land with a slight slope, the location is - mah.Shatarska in Ochusha village. It’s having fruit tree garden.You have water and electricity on the face of the rode. Ochusha Village is located in mountain area. It consists ...
3,672 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 437
Plot, 464 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
3,700 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 221
Plot, 650 m²
Momin Prohod town
The land is in the upper part of villa resort Momin Prohod. The plot is having a slight slope to the southeast. It’s suitable for building a villa. Allowed density of construction is 60% intensity 0.8. You have an asphalt road 1,5km. apart f ...
4,000 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 284
Plot, 810 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
5,000 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 385
Plot, 680 m²
Momin Prohod town
5,000 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 11
Plot, 900 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
It’s a land on top of one of the neighborhoods of the village Gorna Vaselica, with perfect views of the valley and of Rila Mountain with a slight slope. The village is formed as a villa and resting area. The village of Grorna Vaselica ...
5,400 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 167
Plot, 860 m²
Momin Prohod town
The plot is under paragraph 4 in the villa zone of Momin Prohod resort. It’s suitable for building a villa or a house on the property. You have the opportunity of connecting to the electricity and water (drinking water) systems. The plot is ...
5,500 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 270
Plot, 600 m²
Podgorie village
Land in the village Podgorie witch is in Kostenets Municipality. It’s 600 square meters and it’s in a rectangular shape. The property is 20 meters apart from an asphalt road. It’s in a very good location, ideal for building a fam ...
6,000 €
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