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For sale,Industrial premises - N°: 352
Industrial premises, 66 m²
Momin Prohod town
4,000 €
For sale,Industrial premises - N°: 433
Industrial premises, 3000 m²
Kostenets town
9,000 €
For sale,Industrial premises - N°: 215
Industrial premises, 2000 m²
Kostenets town
The property is a plot 2000 square meters in the industrial zone of Kostenets city. Asphalt road is only12.5 meters apart. You have a fence and electricity, water (drinking) systems connected to the plot and a well inside. Close to: a paper produc ...
32,000 €
For sale,Industrial premises - N°: 190
Industrial premises, 1460 m²
Dolna Bania town
It’s an industrial land in the production-storage area of Dolna Banya city. Asphalt road 25m apart. Electricity and water system and sanitation are in the vicinity. The land is suitable for small production buildings, service and support bus ...
37,960 €
For sale,Industrial premises - N°: 477
Industrial premises, 600 m²
Kostenets village
40,000 €
For sale,Industrial premises - N°: 247
Industrial premises, 2031 m²
Kostenets village
The property is an Industrial land its 2031 square meters. On the land you also have a brick building with two floors, built area of 220 square meters. Status of the building is "safe house for conserving fruits”. Location in the farm l ...
50,000 €
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