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For sale,Plot - N°: 437
Plot, 464 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
3,700 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 284
Plot, 810 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
5,000 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 11
Plot, 900 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
It’s a land on top of one of the neighborhoods of the village Gorna Vaselica, with perfect views of the valley and of Rila Mountain with a slight slope. The village is formed as a villa and resting area. The village of Grorna Vaselica ...
5,400 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 19
Plot, 750 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
It’s a land in the high part of the village, facing south. You have water and electricity in the close proximity. The view from the land is beautiful you have a nice overview of the valley. The village of Grorna Vaselica is located in ...
6,000 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 218
Plot, 1053 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
The property is a plot in the regulation of Gorna Vasilica witch falls under the municipality of Kostenets city. The property is flat, suitable for house or villa construction. It’s 100m. apart from the village center. Electricity and water ...
10,530 €
For sale,House - N°: 235
House, 48 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
A small villa with a plot of 500 square meters it’s facing south. Bricks, blocks, partially plastered. It’s having Act 16. The location is in a quiet place perfect for relaxing. The village of Grorna Vaselica is located in the s ...
12,000 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 256
Plot, 2130 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
12,780 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 203
Plot, 2165 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
The land is regulated and it’s in Gorna Vasilica, municipality of Kostenets city. You have a villa zone 3 km apart from Kostenets also a great view to the Rila Mountain and valley. You have water (drinking) directly from Rila Mountain in the ...
13,000 €
For sale,House - N°: 324
House, 65 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
13,000 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 234
Plot, 1328 m²
Gorna Vasilitsa village
The plot is flat with a slight slope to the southwest. It’s in the northern part of the district regulated bу Gorna Vasilica village. It’s bordering with houses, fields and a forest, its also facing an asphalt road. Ideal location you ...
13,280 €
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