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For rent,Store/Supermarket - N°: 577
Store/Supermarket, 100 m²
Kostenets town
1,400 lv.
For sale,Agricultural land - N°: 216
Agricultural land, 4483 m²
Kostenets town
The property is an agricultural land with the possibility of changing the status. It is 3km. apart from the city between Kostenets city and Pchelin village. 65 m from the face of the land is an asphalt road the land is bordering the hunting base. ...
8,000 €
For rent,Industrial premises - N°: 578
Industrial premises, 2483 m²
Kostenets town
8,939 lv.
For sale,Plot - N°: 243
Plot, 700 m²
Kostenets town
The property is a plot in the zone regulated by Kostenets city and it’s in its south part. And it’s in a newly established neighborhood. The shape of the land is rectangular also facing 22 meters of rode. It’s In the vicinity of ...
10,500 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 259
Plot, 1636 m²
Kostenets town
The property is land in the southern end of Kostenets city. The land is having a small slope facing southeast, suitable for building a house/villa. You have water, electricity systems and sewerage on the street infromt of the land. Also you can en ...
26,176 €
For sale,Agricultural land - N°: 17
Agricultural land, 3606 m²
Kostenets town
The land is immediately next to the regulation zone from Kostenets city – East part. The asphalt road is - 59 m apart from the property. The property is in a perfect location and it is having water and electricity. The property s status can ...
30,000 €
For sale,Industrial premises - N°: 215
Industrial premises, 2000 m²
Kostenets town
The property is a plot 2000 square meters in the industrial zone of Kostenets city. Asphalt road is only12.5 meters apart. You have a fence and electricity, water (drinking) systems connected to the plot and a well inside. Close to: a paper produc ...
32,000 €
For sale,Plot - N°: 267
Plot, 3200 m²
Kostenets town
The property is a plot 3200 square meters at the end of the regulation of Kostenets city. Location - in the northern part of town, it’s bordering a mixed forest and it’s near the river. It’s suitable for sports activities and con ...
48,000 €
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